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Facts and Fallacies

Occasionally through our sales calls we hear negative things about 3M window films.  One of our rules in sales is not to bad mouth the competition.  Would you trust someone that does?

3M does not make their window films.

3M is the only window film manufacturer that makes all of their raw window film components from start to finish,  The quality of their window film components can be more stringently controlled than relying on  3rd party outside sources as other film manufacturers do.  The 3M window film plant is located in Knoxville, Iowa.

3M is in bankruptcy.

3M is a 100 year old company with 51 billion dollars in annual sales.  3M is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and also is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.  This one strong company.  There are however two other window film companies that are in bankruptcy as we speak.  The 3M name is a brand  you can trust.  Have you ever heard of the names of these other window film manufacturers?

3M is a large corporation and cannot focus on window films as a smaller company can.

3M is a large corporation.  One of the advantages of this large corporation is interdepartmental technology sharing.  This means that 3M can borrow technology from other product lines to get a innovative product to the market quicker.  One example is the Prestige window films.  This optical nano-technology is in use in over 90% of the lcd tv's manufactured.  3M has over 20,000 patents covering 30 plus technology platforms in a wide variety of industries.  3M is a leader in adhesive and thin film technology. 

A window film with the UV inhibitor in the actual film is better than 3M's window film.

3M's UV inhibitor is built into the adhesive. Most other manufacturers put their UV inhibitor in the actual window film..  Now think about this.  If the UV inhibitor is in the actual window film wouldn't the window film adhesive be exposed to the damaging UV rays (film bubbling)!  With 3M's adhesive technology they can make the UV inhibitor compatible with the window film adhesive therefore adding more longevity to the window film.  This does make sense, doesn't it!

3M's  total solar energy on angle spec is not supported by the National Fenestration Rating Counsel

This is true but this is new technology.  No other manufacturer (glass or window film) can rate their product this way.  All window films perform on-angle better to some degree.  It's just than 3M's Prestige window flms perform alot better than the competition!  The two hundred  layers in the new 3M Prestige window films with nano technology make this new on-angle specification possible.   All window film manufacturers measure the total solar energy rejected at a 90 degree angle to the glass. 

Here in Reno how often is the sun at a 90 degree angle to the glass.  The mountains block the sun's rays at sunrise and sunset before it can reach ninety degrees to the glass.  3M gives you total solar energy rejected at 90 degrees  and on-angle.   The heat reduction of the 3M Prestige line of window films is actually better at a 60 degree angle to the glass  than 90 degree angle.  Call us and we will show you a demo that this on-angle spec actually works!