The 3M Warranty

From a Fortune 100, 100 year old company

Home   3M is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and also is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.  3M is over One Hundred years old.  Which window film company do you want your window film warranty backed by?  3M is also in a lot of mutual fund portfolio's.  Made in the USA, a American company.    
    3M Scotchtint Window Films are warranted to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, or crazing. Many of our films are warranted against discoloration, too. (Those which do not use dyed polyesters). Should the product proved to be defective, 3M and the authorized 3Mô Scotchtint dealer will replace the film and provide the reapplication labor free of charge.    
    Seller also warrants against glass failure due to thermal shock fracture or seal failure (maximum value of $500 per window) caused only as a direct result of the application of 3Mô Scotchtint films (or 3M Scotchshield Films) provided the film is applied to recommended types of glass and the glass failure is reported to the seller within the specified time (listed below) from the start of the installation.
  • Sixty (60) months coverage against thermal shock fracture (glass breakage)
  • Forty (40) months coverage against seal failure if covered by original window manufacturer

Note:  When you apply window film to your glass, your manufacturers glass warranty will be void if you have one.  3M is picking up some of this warranty.  Glass breakage occurs about one percent of the time in this industry..



  Residential Warranty: Most Films  
  Lifetime Warranty, original purchaser non transferable.  
  There is also an optional platinum select warranty that can be purchased.  This raises your glass breakage coverage to $1,500 per window.  This is highly recommended for large windows that are being filmed. You must provide a copy of your existing glass warranty.  
  Commercial Warranty  
  Prestige and Ceramic window films carry a 15 year warranty.  
  Night Vision window films carry a 12 year warranty.  
  All other films carry a ten year warranty.