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  3M Safety and Security Films are one of the most vigorously tested window films out there. Windstorms, bomb blasts, flying objects, we have tested them all to make sure our films not only meet, but exceeds industry standards for impact and tear resistance. Our most durable system in severe conditions is the 3M™ Ultraflex system. This system combines the elasticity of the 3M Ultra Safety and Security Window Film and Dow Corning™ 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive system that creates a more flexible membrane to capture and absorb the impact energy. 3M Ultraflex Window System allows the frame to bend and twist to accommodate a variety of impact stresses, increasing personal safety from flying glass. For ease of use, the Ultraflex System offers a simple, more cost effective attachment system when compared to more bulky mechanical attachment alternatives. The Ultraflex System will replace the window gasket and blend with the frame system to look as good as the gasket it replaces. Although its main job is protection, 3M Safety and Security Window Films can also alleviate sun control problems. When a tinted 3M Ultra Safety and Security Film that is selected, you receive additional benefits from the film such as reduced energy costs from reflected heat, reduced glare and improved comfort.  
    The key to the 3M security film is the micro layers.  The 150 series (1 mil film) has 13 microlayers, The 400 series (4 mil film) has 26 microlayers, and the 600 series (6 mil film)has 39 microlayers.  These microlayers are the key to the film stretching (elongation) and absorbing the blast or impact. Yet resulting in a security film that is optically correct. (Click the microlayer link)

Most manufactures make their security film by gluing two or three layers of  film together while this creates a thick film, the thicker films are prone to distortion and do not perform as good the 3M Safety Security films.  Being "boardy" these thick films tend to distribute the load of the impact more so on the edges of the glass , resulting in a window that is easier to break though. (See there is no substitute for Technology).